Bio Lorena Garcia Mateu
About the Artist

Lorena García Mateu (b. 1983) lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She graduated in 2008 in Fine Art MA in Art Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Lorena’s interests encompass figurative art and nature interpretation, often referring to Art History. Throughout her work — which embraces mainly oil painting — the artist explores the search of colour and its harmony, claiming to arouse atmospheres charged by mystery, movement and uncertainty.

García Mateu has participated extensively in solo and group exhibitions across Spain and internationally. Her paintings have been selected also in a several national awards.

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Valencia, Spain.
Telf: (+34) 630974316
Degree in Theatre Space and Settings. Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.
M.A. in Artistic Production. Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.
B.A. in Fine Arts. San Carlos’ College. Valencia, Spain.
Erasmus Scholarship. University of Madeira, Portugal.
Solo Exhibitions
A Splendour Among Shadows. Richard Stone and Lorena García Mateu. Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery. London.
Life is the mystery. Artifact. New York, USA.*
La vida silenciosa. Movart. Art Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
Ahora, Nosotras II. M.AR.CA. León, Spain.
Onírica. ArtClub. Caro Hotel. Valencia, Spain.
Life in Motion. Las Naves Centro de Creación Contemporánea. Valencia, Spain.
Origen. L’Espai. Delegación de Cultura. Torrent, Spain.
Il Corpo Evocato. Studio Arte Fuori Centro. Roma, Italy.
Il Corpo Evocato. Accademia di Belle Arti. Maceratta, Italy.
Selected Group Exhibitions
Origen. La duda de Darwin. MUNIC. Carracedelos, León. Spain.
Arte Aparte XII. Sala La Carolina, Jaén, Spain.*
Summer of art. Galería Cuatro. Valencia, Spain.
Nuevos Nómadas II. Real Álcazar de Sevilla, Meca. Sevilla, Spain.
Nuevos Nómadas I. Museo de Almería. Meca. Sevilla, Spain.
Festival de les arts Ciutat Vella Oberta. Casa de Velázquez. Madrid, Spain.
Polizontes. Contemporain landscapes. M.ARC.CA. León, Spain.*
Project IMAGO MUNDI, MADE IN SPAIN. Fundación Benetton & CAC de Málaga. Spain and International (itinerant).*
Ars Visibilis III International Art Festival l Miradas de Mujeres. Meca. Almería, Spain.*
Ahora, nosotras III International Art Festival Miradas de Mujeres. M.ARC.CA. León, Spain.
Awards / Grants
Antonio Gala Foundation‘s Artistic Scholarship. Córdoba, Spain.
1st Prize 2007 Artistic creation. University of Zaragoza, Spain. *
Work selected for Artemisia II Edizione prize. Ancona, Italy. *
Art Fairs
The Palm Beach Show. Florida, Miami, USA.
Affordable Art Fair. Hampstead, London, UK.
Art Boca Raton. Florida, USA.
The new red dot. Miami, USA.
Affordable Art Fair. Hampstead. London, UK.
The Other Art Fair. Victoria House. London, UK.
The Affordable Art Fair. Hampstead. London, UK.
The Other Art Fair. Ambika P3, Marylebone. London, UK.
Institutional/Artistic Support
Selected for 3th Rotary Club Valencia-Centro National Painting Award. Valencia, Spain.
Selected for XXVII Autumn Awards 'Villa de Chiva'. Valencia, Spain.*
Selected for XXVII Bienas Eusebio Sempere. Onil, Alicante, Spain.*
Selected for II Competition Painting Rotary Club Valencia, Spain.
Selected for the 58th "Salón de Otoño Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia". Spain.*
Selected for the 57th "Salón de Otoño Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia". Spain.*
Selected for the 39th National Competition Painting "Casimiro Sainz", Reinosa, Spain.
Selected for the 21st National Competition Painting “Ciutat d’ Algemesí”, Spain.*
Selected for the 20th National Competition Painting Castellón, Spain.*
Selected for the 56th “Salón de Otoño Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia”, Spain.*
Selected for the 19th Competition painting “Enrique Lite. Premios culturales 2015”. La Laguna Univeristy, Tenerife, Spain.*
Selected for 5th Salón de las vanidades. El Carpio. Córdoba, Spain.*
Festival de les Arts Ciutat Vella Oberta. Valencia, Spain.
Selected for the 19th Annual competition “Ciudad de Algemesí”, Spain.*
Selected for the VI International Art Festival Incubarte. Valencia, Spain.*
70th Annual Competition 2013 Work selected and National Art Exhibition "José Camarón", Segovia, Spain.*
Work selected for Painting Contest IV Fund. U. P. V. Valencia, Spain.*
Work selected for the 7th Manolo Valdés Collection Art Contest. Castellón, Spain.*

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